The innovative way of playing jenga

The buttons on the back of the controller determine the height of the robot arm . The lower button decreases the height of the arm. Die untere Taste senkt die Höhe des Arms.

The buttons are connected via a rocker to ensure an optimal operating experience for adjusting the height of the robot arm. The upper button increases the height of the arm.

The Xtend button forms the core of the controller. It is a two-phase button that allows the operator to control multiple functions with one finger.

Because normal jenga is boring

Our xtend controller can be used by anyone. It is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. The controller is perfect for all ages and skill levels. Xtend also fits for right and left handed players.

Up tp

10 Hrs.

Of playing jenga without charging

Charging time

30 Min.

To get back to 100%

Charge your xtend controller with our magnetic charging pad in just 30 minutes. The controller will last up to 10 hours of playing time. Xtend also works with any other xi wireless charging pad.


The new way to play jenga

This is a dummy side for a university project prototype therefore xtend is not a real product. You can read more about it at the HFG Schwaebsich Gmuend Portfolio.

Full credits to Julia Zoellner, Tim Bluthardt & Amelie Schlueter